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Providing highquality products in accordance withinternational standards has always been our mission and to accomplish this goal we established laboratory and quality control unit that supported us to have a major role in national high quality product level.

We are proud to announce that we have highly experienced experts in the field of lead industry with more than 45 years experience who could support us apply the most recent technical information and we have been always pioneer in this industry.

Capabilities and equipment:

 Spectrometer: For analyzing the different alloys of lead and also pure lead  . It is worthy of mention that   the accuracy of the data is steadily checked with the reference samples.

Electrical furnace: with using this furnace that can bear to 1200 degrees we can measure the purity of lead with highest accuracy. Also this furnace is used for measuring coke amount that is the most important item in melting the lead.

Jaw mills and vibrator: This two machines are used for crushing and milling the lead samples like slags and other concentrates for measuring the amount of lead in combinations.

  Laboratory room: In this part the



of melting and purifying are simulated and the effective parameters in increasing efficiency are controlled. Also measuring the amount of lead in all concentrates made in lead melting process is done in this division accurately.


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