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BehinBazyaftKavir (BBK) was established on 2013 by the aim of melting and purifying the lead from scrap batteries in Evanekay industrial zone.

Scrap batteries are imported to BBK then plastics and lead components separate and finally lead components are melted by furnaces.

BBK factory is equipped with 10 reverberator furnaces with exclusive design and total capacity of 80 tons per day and a rotary furnace by the capacity of 5 tons per day with advanced filtration system.

The lead purity which melted in the BBK furnaces is 99.90% . So this leads transfer to BBA factory for increasing the lead purity up to 99.98%.



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No.244,6th pazhohesh , pazhohesh St , Azadi Blvd , Eyvanaki industrial zone .semnan


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