Laboratory of BehinBazafarinAlborz Co.


This company committed to maintain the quality of the product and we are honor to say that the "ALBORZ" brand is the leader in region market with the best possible quality according to customer request. To reach this goal we established the "Laboratory and Quality control" unit.


We are honor to say that this unit managing by expert personnel with more than 45 years of experience in lead recycling industry.


Features and abilities of this unit are listed below.


1-  Spectrometers: for analyzing all kinds of lead alloys and pure lead. Accuracy of results are checked by reference sample every day.


2-  Electric oven: for calculating the lead amount in lead concentrates we have to increase the temperature into 1200 °c also by this oven we can calculate the carbon content in coal.


3-  Grinding mill and vibration mill :these mills can crushing the lead concentrates less than 50 mesh.


4-  Lab room: in this room we are simulating the melting and purifying of the lead and checking how to increase the production efficiency. Also we can calculate the lead content in all kinds of lead concentrates with very high precision by classical chemistry methods.










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