Nowadays the global market expanded considerably and following this growth,new fields of scienceappeared for prediction ofmarket future behavior. Experts, analyzers and also market dealers are permanently involved in creating new ways and instruments to predict market moreconcisely, accordingly two main branches have appeared in this field, fundamental and technical. Fundamentalists believe that they can predict base on news and financial statements. ButTechnicalistsdeeply believe in order and harmony and repeat of past in future and believe that by using the record of charts and diagrams they can predict their future.

Today,we are honored to announce that, by applying our technical Analyze team predictions and estimations you can purchase your product and raw material in the most appropriate time and suitable price to prevent the probable losses in purchase and selling the product and raw material. Now you can join our channel in Telegram created to provide technical analyze and by searching your product in our channel use our team latest technical analyzes regarding the product.

Of course, since we cannot take anything for granted in financial markets and we can just make prediction base on most probable passivity, our team takes no responsibility against any deal done base on our analyzes and the analyzes are just giving a better view to esteemed colleagues



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